1st International Seminar Family and Consumer Issues in ASIA (ISFC 2018)

4th September, IPB International Convention Center (IICC) Bogor, Indonesia



To face the challenges and problems that occur in Indonesia, an effort is needed to prepare quality resources. The success of preparing this resource cannot be separated from roles and functions within the family. Families have an important role in shaping quality resources. Various challenges that occur in the family today are the level of welfare is still low, educational facilities are still limited, child issues such as juvenile delinquency, bullying, and so forth. Also, the impact of the development of the era and technology affect the functioning of the family. Family functioning is important to be optimized to achieve family resilience and prosperity. In Indonesia, the family is also a strategic issue of development that gets the attention of various parties. In terms of policy, Law No. 52 of 2009 on Population and Family Development has become the legal umbrella for family development in Indonesia where the government and local governments have an obligation to carry out family development policies through fostering family resilience and welfare so as to support Indonesian families to be able to perform family functions optimally. Indonesia as a region with rapid development, family issues, children, and consumers in Asia, of course, becomes an interesting and strategic issue.

Therefore, this seminar will focus on a very important theme that aims to highlight the challenges families face the existing problems, and that would come to change and improve the development of the country. For Indonesia, as one of the developing countries that are also taken into account in Asia, the stabilization of family development policies and programs by learning from several neighboring countries is, of course, a necessity. For college colleges IKK Department colleagues, the opportunity to gather together in a forum to discuss issues of family and consumers in Asia is also, of course, a necessity.


  • To disseminate research findings or (output) in the field of family and consumers in improving the quality of resources
  • To share research findings or (output) to promote a better understanding of the role of the family in building the nation’s civilization
  • To share views on current family and consumer situations in Indonesia.
  • To highlight family-related issues particularly in the areas of consumer empowerment, family and child policy, and family life in the future
  • To promote sustainable practices in the area of family and consumer counseling services
  • To create networks among ASIKI members, academics, policymakers, service providers, researchers, NGOs, students, practitioners and the general public


Challenging Family in Asia: Present and Future



  • Scope of seminar : Child Development Issues (Child Rearing and Values of Children, Family Function, Digital Parenting, Child Development, Child Psychology, Child Education)
  • Consumer Issues (Consumer Decision Making, Consumer Education, Sustainable Consumption, Consumer Empowerment and Quality of Life, Family Economics, Consumer Protection and Advocacy
  • Family Issues (Family Well-being, Family Financial and Time Management, Gender Roles within Family, Balancing Work and Family)
  • Other family and consumer related issues



  • Country Experiences
  • Empirical and Policy Experiences
  • Poster Exhibition
  • Oral Presentation





  1. Abstract Deadline: 17 August 2018
  2. Abstract Acceptance Notification: 24 August 2018
  3. Participant Registration Deadline : 24 August 2018
  4. Full Paper Deadline: 31 August 2018



Seminar Fees

–   Presenters

  • International US$150 (include 1 night hotel room)
  • Indonesian IDR 150.000


–   Participants

  • International US$100
  • Indonesian IDR 100.000


Payment Notes
Payment should be made via Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Direct Transfer or any suitable method to the following bank account details:

BANK NAME                             : BNI
ACCOUNT HOLDER NAME  : Association of Indonesian Family and Consumer Sciences
ACCOUNT NO                           : 0568837511
REMARKS                                  : ISFCI 2018


Department of Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty of Human Ecology Bogor Agricultural University

Indonesian Association of Family and Consumer Sciences









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Secretariat of ISFCI 2018
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Faculty of Human Ecology

Bogor Agricultural University, INDONESIA

Contact Person : Fika (Whatsapp : +62 857-1979-0377)


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