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Date: Mar 1, 2017 14:44
Subject: 2017 International Congress on Economy, Finance, and Business (ICEFB 2017)
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Dear Colleague,

The 2017 International Congress on Economy, Finance, and Business (ICEFB 2017) is to be held in Osaka International House, Osaka, Japan, on August 8th to 10th. The aim of this conference is to provide a platform which focuses on certain important topics of Economy, Finance, and Business. Detailed information about the conference can be found on the official website.

We sincerely invite your participation for this event. Submitted papers will be subject to a double-blind review process. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN reference, on CD-ROM support.

Conference Website: http://science-techs.org/icefb/
Online Submission: http://science-techs.org/icefb/online-submission/
Enquiries: cefb.conference@gmail.com
Submission Deadline: May 5, 2017

Sincerely yours,
Secretariat of ICEFB 2017

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