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Subject: Call for Paper: 12th National Conference on Malaysian Economy (PERKEM 12)
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12th National Conference on Malaysian Economy (PERKEM 12)
12th – 13th of September 2017, UKM & Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia.

Sustainable Economic Development: Towards Holistic, Inclusive
and Futuristic Policy Transformation
Registration & Submission: https://submit.confbay.com/conf/perkem2017

Call for Paper
12th National Conference on Malaysian Economy (PERKEM 12) or “Persidangan Kebangsaan Ekonomi Malaysia Ke-12, 2017 (PERKEM Ke-12)” with the theme of “Sustainable Economic Development: Towards Holistic, Inclusive and Futuristic Policy Transformation” organized by the Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) will be held on the 12th-13th of September 2017 at Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak (DECTAR), UKM & Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia.

Among the objectives of this conference are to provide the platform for discussion, exchange of ideas, and networking among academicians, policy makers, researchers and industry players.

Submission of paper is not limited to following topics:

National Tranformation Program
o Transformasi Nasional 50
o Government Transformation Program
o Economic Transformation Program
o Fiscal Reformation Program
o Taxation Policy and Social Development Program

Holictic Economics
o Cost of Living and Quality of Life
o Education and Human Capital Development
o Income Distribution
o Health and Social Security
o Well-being of Senior Citizen, Children and Women
o Homeless and Disabilities
o Sustainability of Enviromental Quality
o Rural, Regional and Community Development
o Zakah Management in Zakat Institutions
o Waqf Management
o Crowdfunding
o Sustainable Development Goals

Inclusive Growth
o Sustainable and Holistic Growth
o Distribution and Inequilibrium
o Human Capital Development and Quality Human Resource Management
o Productivity, Innovation, Technology and Economic Transformation
o Income and Macroeconomic Stability
o Monetary and Fiscal Policies
o International Trade, International Finance and Investment
o Islamic Finance and Muamalat
o Banking, Monetary and Financial Economics
o Islamic Banking and Finance
o Strengthening Institutional Role: Market Structure and Competitiveness

Sustainable Development
o Green Technology
o Sustainability of Environmental Quality
o Resilient City and Greater Kuala Lumpur
o Environmental Economics
o Main Commodity Sector
o Industrial Sector
o Services Sector – Recreation, Hospitality, Transportation, Communication
o Oil and Gas, Energy and Resource Sectors

Current and Future Issues in Economics
o Macroeconomic Issues
o Vulnerable Groups
o Budgetary Policy
o Monetary Policy
o External Shocks: Oil Price, International Financial Crisis, Food Price Crisis
o Economic Development Policy: New Economic Model, High Income Economy
o Investment and International Trade Policies
o Micro Credit and Bumiputra Entrepreneural Development
o Private Sectors and Government-Linked Companies

Important Dates
1. Abstract Deadline: 5 April 2017
2. Abstract Acceptance Notification: 15 April 2017
3. Full Paper Deadline: 30 June 2017
4. Acceptance Notification: 15 July 2017

Publication Opportunities
All papers will be published in conference proceedings. Selected papers will be considered for publication in Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia, Jurnal Pengurusan, and Asian Journal of Accountancy and Governance .

Guidelines for Paper Writing
The authors must adhere to the following guidelines:
• Abstract should not exceed 150 words
• Full paper should not exceed 15 pages
• Paper must be written in Times New Roman, font size 12 and single spacing
• Full guidelines and paper formats can be accessed in Confbay and PERKEM Ke-12 2017 websites
• Paper can be written in Malay and English
• Abstract should be written in both languages, Malay and English.

Abstract and full papers must be submitted online through Confbay in Microsoft Word format based on one of the following tracks:
o Macroeconomics
o Microeconomics
o Agriculture Economics
o Business Economics
o Fiscal Economics
o Development Economics
o Social Security Economics
o Energy Economics
o Education Economics
o Behavioral Economics
o Econometrics and Applied Statistics
o Resource and Environmental Economics
o Health Economics
o Banking and Financial Economics
o Labor Economics
o International Economics
o Industrial Economics
o Monetary Economics
o Political Economics
o Population Economics
o Accounting
o Organizational Behavior
o Human Resource
o Entrepreneurship
o Operational Management
o Public Administration
o Consumer Behavior and Marketing

All papers are subject to initial reviewing process.

For further information, please contact

Secretariat of PERKEM ke-12 2017
School of Economics
Faculty of Economics and Management
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 Bangi Selangor
Telephone: 03-89215775 / 5776 / 5777 / 5673 / 5728 / 4205
Fax: 03-89215789
Email: perkemppe@gmail.com

Registration & Submission: https://submit.confbay.com/conf/perkem2017


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