DAFTAR DOSEN PEMBIMBING SKRIPSI MAHASISWA IKK ANGKATAN 52 NO. NAMA MAHASISWA NIM PEMBIMBING 1 PEMBIMBING 2 1 Vallerina Dwi Mulia Sari I24150001 Alfiasari, SP., M.Si 2 Rista Damayanti Anggraini I24150003 Alfiasari, SP., M.Si 3 Yulian Hadi Nurkholiq I24150006 Alfiasari, SP., M.Si 4 Mauricia Fawwaz I24150008 Alfiasari, SP., M.Si 5 Syuchi Aldiyani I24150039 Alfiasari, SP., M.Si […]

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[:en] ABSTRACT ADELIA RATIH INDRAWATI. The Influences of Attachment and Social Support on Academic Achievement among School-Aged Children in Rural Family. Supervised by ALFIASARI.      Academic achievement was influenced by internal and external factors. The aim of this research was to analyze the effect of children and family characteristics, attachment, and social support on […]

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[:en] ABSTRACT Enjoying great life and having financial security after retirement is a dream for all people. Therefore, a good strategy of management family’s resources is needed. The objective of this study is to analyze some factors that influence financial retirement planning and economic subjective wellbeing. This study used cross sectional design and involved 154 […]

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[:en] No. Thesis Title Author Details 1. The Impacts of Parenting Style and Peer Group Attachment to Developmental Task of Young Street Performer NURJANAH PURNAMA  HTML FILE 2. The Effect of Marriage Quality and Family Wellbeing toward the Parenting Environment in Early Marriage Family FATMA PUTRI SEKARING TYAS  HTML FILE 3. The Effect of Motivation, Activity, Development Task, […]

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[:en] No. Judul Skripsi Penulis Detil 1. Perencanaan Keuangan Hari Tua dan Pengaruhnya terhadap Kesejahteraan Ekonomi Subjektif Keluarga Usia Pensiun DYAH PURNAMASARI  HTML FILE 2. Peran Gender dalam Pengambilan Keputusan dan Kesejahteraan Subjektif pada Keluarga Usia Pensiun SRI WAHYUNI MUHSIN  HTML FILE 3. Gaya Hidup, Motivasi, dan Alokasi Waktu Keluarga Usia Pensiun HALISA ROHAYU  HTML FILE 4. Pengaruh […]

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ASILAH. Hubungan Tingkat Stres Ibu dan Pengasuhan Penerimaan-Penolakan dengan Konsep Diri Remaja pada Keluarga Bercerai. Dibimbing oleh DWI HASTUTI. Perceraian memiliki dampak terhadap stres ibu dan perkembangan anak. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah menganalisis hubungan tingkat stres ibu dan pengasuhan penerimaan-penolakan dengan konsep diri remaja pada keluarga bercerai. Penelitian ini menggunakan desain cross sectional study yang […]

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[:en] ABSTRACT Conflict in the family is one of the caused of family disharmony. The family harmony can be maintained if family functions were implemented in balanced condition. The purposes of the study were identified family conflict of farmer families and family harmony, to identified conflict family and family harmony’s typologies and to analyzed the […]

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[:en] ABSTRACT This study aims to analyze the effect of family characteristics and financial management of the family well-being recipients fishermen conditional cash transfer or BLSM. Cross sectional study applied as the design of research that the location took place at Pantai Mekar village, Muara Gembong sub-district, Bekasi regional, 53 families involved were selected purposively. […]

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[:en] ABSTRACT The aim of this research was to analyze the effect of emotional socialization and emotional intelligence on aggression of school-age children. This research was conducted at Ciasmara and Ciasihan Village, Pamijahan Sub District, Bogor Regency. Design of this research was cross sectional study. The samples of this research were intact family who had […]

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[:en] ABSTRAK In every stage of human lives as well as later adulthood (elderly), there are developmental tasks to be attained and demand the elderly to adapt to various changes both from internal and external environment. The aim of this research was to analyze the influence of ageism and generativity on developmental task of elderly […]

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